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IBSS Standard is the most established international reference system for classification of female breasts. Originally, IBSS was created for the commercial needs of the lingerie and fashion industry as an effort to align product sizing over the country borders. Today, the Standard is widely used in industrial R&D as well as academic research.

In contrast to conventional bra labelling standards, IBSS offers a globally comparable basis for product development and international trade.

IBSS offers not only an accurate system to define the volume of female breasts in an internationally comparable way. The Standars covers also a number of parameters related to the shape, consistency and physiology of breasts. This is of substantial value for the market adapted product development like design and dimensioning of garment, medical devices, personal items and many other types of products. 

The Standard divides breasts into 16 different breast types based on clearly defined morphological and physiological characteristics.



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